Teen bras do's and don'ts!

It can be difficult shopping for a first bra, it is an important milestone for any girl, but it can be hard to know when the time is right. Some girls are desperate to wear one whilst others may put it off for as long as possible. Understandably it can also feel daunting and scary for some parents when buying a bra for their little girl, especially if she is under ten. Some parents have concerns about the potential buying of overly sexy underwear for their pre-teens. We are also aware of this so stock only completely appropriate yet pretty and comfortable underwear. Whatever the situation, it is so important to handle it sensitively – as a first experience, we want it to be remembered as only positive.

The average age for most girls to start wearing a bra is 11, some may need one from the age of nine whereas others may need one at 14. The foremost concern when fitting a first bra is comfort. This is because as breasts develop and grow, they can feel sore, tender, and sometimes a little painful. Hence the importance of a correctly fitted bra. It is important for a first bra to both support but allow space to grow without discomfort. Getting this right should elevate some of the discomfort and can also stop any embarrassment caused by nipples showing through tops or breasts moving around whilst walking or exercising.

Deciding what bra to go for can be thought of as difficult. We recommend that once the nipples start to protrude from the chest a crop top or Sloggi ZERO Feel Bralette is good. The Sloggi Bra is a brilliant non wired pull over bra which is popular across all age groups. It offers a zero-feel comfort with slight padding which is perfect for the early stages of development. As soon as the breast tissue starts to develop, that is when it is time to move to a soft cup bra. We educate the importance of a well-fitting bra because although wired bras are not suitable for everyone, they can benefit some developing girls who need the extra support. It is important to understand that we want to avoid interfering with the development of the breast tissue which can cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, if a wired bra is appropriate, it is important to check the fit regularly as a developing girl will need a new bra sooner than a developed woman. We always recommend buying at least two to allow for washing and drying time.

We understand that some girls may feel embarrassed about being fitted, however please reassure your daughter that it is nothing to feel embarrassed about. We see all women, all ages, all body shapes and sizes and our soul aim is to ensure that everyone leaves feeling listened to, comfortable, and most importantly happy with their new bras. Breast development is completely normal and natural and nothing to feel self-conscious or ashamed of.

We hope to make every girls first experience an enjoyable one, where they feel comfortable and happy to come back!

Annie x