Jiggle Wiggle... The importance of a good sports bra!

Jiggle Wiggle…. Not what we want when exercising!!


As a bra fitter I see a lot of active women seeking support. Runners, cyclists, and gym goers are regulars in the shop, and all seem to understand the need for support. However, we see less horse riders (No judgement at all, just an observation!) .


On the odd occasion that a horse rider does come in they will often admit that they don’t think of wearing a correctly fitted sports bra whilst riding. However, this is so important!


Just like when we run, our boobs will jiggle and jump about if we let them. It is so important to wear the right sports bra to ensure a

secure and comfortable fit preventing this jiggle and subsequent pain.


A study found that 44% of women claimed their current underwear did not meet their needs whilst riding with 19% of women with larger breasts complaining of pain from excessive movement. Both headache and neck pain can be a result of a poorly fitted bra. Did you know that breasts actually have no muscle? Meaning that unsupported breasts can cause strain on both the throat and facial tissue.


Supporting your boobs is so important to help the surrounding muscles to maintain posture and to increase blood and ultimately

prevent pain. Having a correctly fitted sports bra is so so important, I cannot stress enough!


Inferior sports bra simply compresses your bust through squashing

your bust to limit movement. A good sports bra will provide under-bust support just like any other good quality supportive bra. This kind of support will help to protect your breast tissue during exercise. Ultimately a sports bra should be comfortable, supportive and movement limiting.


I hope to inform as many riders as possible to help provide them with a supportive and comfortable bra!