Bra fitting

Many of our clients often first come to us because they are wearing the wrong sized bra, they're uncomfortable or they are in need of something specific such as a post surgery or maternity bra. As part of the bra fitting service, as you can imagine we do get up quite close and personal and it's important for us that our clients feel comfortable and trust us, and often they'll ask us lots of questions. So we wanted to share some of the most common questions we get asked (and we've added in a few extras that we thought you might fine useful!)


So here they are...

Why am I getting pain through my shoulders?

Pain through your shoulders is often caused by incorrect band size leading to over tightening of the straps, causing pain through the shoulders. 


I keep spilling out, getting a ‘double boob’ look under tight tops, why is this?

Oh dear, it's not a good look is it. This will be because your cup size is too small. Come and see us and say goodbye to that double boob. 


I'm pregnant. Do I need a new bra? 

In short, yes! To start with you may be able to wear your current bras by simply loosening the straps and using the last hooks on the band. But it's pretty common to go up a cup size or even two. 


Can I eat pizza in my bra? 

Umm yeah girl! We want everyone to feel fabulous in their newly fitted underwear, so go grab your friend, order that pizza and show your friends your fantastic new underwear collection. Just don't forget to tell them where you bought it from!  


What colour is best to wear under a white top?

A skin tone bra is best to where under a white shirt. However, as we have learnt from Van de Velde, white skin has red undertones, so a red bra doesn’t show up under a white top!


My left breast is smaller than the right. Do I fit the bigger boob? 

Very few people have symmetric breasts. You should wear a bra sized for the bigger side and insert extra pads in the cup of the smaller side. You'll need to choose a bra that has an open slot design in the cups so that you can use your own pads. You can buy these at Bra Boudoir (link). 


I’m worried a non-padded bra will show too much nipple?

Non-padded bras can give great support, comfort and shape. Nipples that show can be covered with nipple covers or a spacer bra can be an option instead. A spacer bra is an in between, which offers a slight mould but less than a fully moulded bra, this can help cover the nipples.


Why does my bra slip off my shoulder?

Isn't that the most annoying thing?! That'll be because the band is too loose/ doesn’t fit properly. 


How do I wash/ look after my bra?

Always hand wash all of your delicates - it will make them last longer and protect the materials. Try popping them in a pillowcase for extra protection.