A comfier Lockdown 3.0


I'm not sure about you, but for me the word 'comfort' sums up lockdown. For many of us lockdown has involved a massive change in routine, whether that be working from home, home schooling, or just spending larger portions of time sat down. I think we can all say that comfort has come first. Comfortable clothes and underwear has been a must!

Sloggi 'Zero Feel'

A well fitted wired bra should be comfortable but nothing beats the comfort of.a non wired pull over bralette. Sloggi is possibly one of this years best sellers for us. It offers a light support and is super soft. Sloggi 'Zero Feel' is perfect for lounging around the house, and gives a smooth fit under a shirt for a zoom call. No one will ever know you've wearing the comfiest pull on bra ever. Although we would hope you'll tell everyone, as they'll thank you for it!!


Femilet 'Juliana'

We are big fans of Chantelle and so happy to welcome their new sister brand Femilet. Femilets choice of fabrics are extremely soft and gentle on the skin. This means they are the perfect base layer for underneath your clothes. We very quickly sold out of the vests in a cream, grey and black due to their durability, soft touch and comfortable. We have vests, long sleeves and leggings, and I cannot recommend them enough during this cold season! Their soft fabric means they wash well on a delicate wash but shouldn't be washed in too high heats.