Size and shape, padded or non-padded?

When buying the right bra for you, getting the right size is key. However, finding the right style to suit your body is just as crucial. We understand that buying the right bra can feel a little daunting, but getting a proper fitting makes buying the right bra easy.

We are trained in how to fit, this means we can also tell what shape and style suits a person and can help introduce new styles and shapes that you might not have worn before. Once we have found your size we can then suggest bras we feel will suit. Sometimes this can take a little bit of trial ad error but we will always find something. 

Often there is a misconception about padded (Blue bra pictured below 'Lace Affair' by Wacoal) vs non-padded bras (green bra pictured below 'Ana' by Panache). Women frequently assume that a padded bra is the best for under clothes to give a good shape but more often than not a non-padded will give just as great, if not better, a shape. We find that some women come to us with a certain style in mind and actually end up leaving in something very different. A non-padded bra can actually be the perfect T-shirt Bra, and will give a gorgeous shape under clothes. The key to getting a good shape under clothes is wearing the right size for you, whether that be padded or non-padded. 

Panache Ana Plunge Bra Olive – Brastop UK

Wacoal | Lace Affair Cashmere Contour Bra | Juste Moi
Style of bra is also very important. Not only can you get a padded or non-padded, but also a plunge shape or balcony. Within these styles are half cups and full cups with alter the amount of coverage you get. Different busts will suit different shapes and styles and each women will have a personal preference. It is our job as a fitter to advise what we think works best in the fit and support that the bra will give, but it is the individuals personal preference which will often decide what bra they go for. 
Fantasie Isla Side Support Bra in Black - Victoria's Little Bra Shop
(Fantasied - 'Isla' No-padded full cup Bra)
Buy Chantelle Orangerie Plunge T-Shirt Bra from the Next UK online shop
(Chantelle - 'Orangerie Padded Plunge Bra')
We stock over 3000 different bras, but if we don't have your size in stock we will happily order it in. Our number one aim is to help each and every woman to leave us feeling comfortable, supported and happy in their underwear. We hope to see you all soon! 
Annie x