Mastectomy Fitting Service

Here at the Bra Boudoir we understand that post surgery bra fitting can feel daunting and scary. We endeavour to create a welcoming, understanding and friendly atmosphere. Each fitting is pre-booked and individual. We welcome you bringing a person of choice for comfort and familiarity. Usually we would offer tea/coffee, sadly we unable to do so in the current times.

We stock a limited range of prosthesis but are able to order in to suit. Having said that we do have a range of styles that are suited to all different people and bodies. Our soul aim is to provide ultimate support and comfort whist helping you to feel more like you. We stock three different brands that provide gorgeous lingerie and are confident that we will find the perfect fit for you!



 Amoena was founded 45 years ago with the aim to help support women worldwide. Their founder based his diploma thesis on developing a silicone prosthesis. They pride themselves on their extensive range of prosthesis with varied shapes, fullness and weight. Their new Adapt Air Prosthesis allows women to adjust their breast form shape according to their bodies whenever they want. Amoena's range of comfortable yet luxurious intimate wear helps you to feel confident and beautiful post surgery by combining femininity, latest fashion trends, and comfort to restore your natural shape keeping your breast form secure.



 Anita is a family ran business and has been providing an ingenious fit, uncompromising comfort and incredible quality for over 130 years. It is currently under management of its forth generation. All their products are developed and designed in Branneburg in the alps and hand made in Thailand. Their main objective is to give the wearers of their lingerie and swimwear products additional quality of life, comfort and style.



 Royce is proud to be a home grown British company designing and making all their products within the UK. Their ethos still stands 25years later as "to provide women everywhere with wire-free lingerie that fits and supports perfectly, offers superb comfort and looks fabulous!". They are proud to be the worlds only dedicated designers to purely wire-free bras perfect for all women to wear every day.