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Book a Fitting

How important is a good fitting bra? 

Wearing the correct size bra is so important. A study found that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, this is largely due to being uninformed about the importance of wearing the right bra for your size and shape, as well as the lack of knowledge about what makes a bra fit properly.

When buying new shoes, we will always buy the right size for our feet. No one wants to be tripping over themselves nor do they want cramped toes. So why do we often walk around in an ill- fitting bra?

80% of a bras support should come from the band and 20% from the straps. The cup should cover the breast, not be too tight or too loose and should avoid covering any breast tissue with an ill-fitted wire. Take a look at some of our FAQs for more of our advice on bra fitting. 

Women’s breasts change and adapt throughout their life, factors such as age, medication, diet, pregnancy, and illness can all have an effect. Therefore, having a regular fitting is so beneficial to ensure that you are in the right bra for you. As well as size, style can also alter the fit, thus meaning it is important to get a style that works for your shape.

At The Bra Boudoir, we offer a discreet and expert fitting appointment service to ensure you achieve the comfort, shape, and look you want. We can offer specialist advice whatever your requirement. We are here to help!

If you'd like to book a fitting with Kim or Lucinda at our shop in Ledbury you can do it right here on our website. If you'd prefer to speak to a human, that's not a problem, just give us a call: 01531 635182.