The Bra Boudoir and Lockdown

As an independent small business owner, Covid-19 brought about massive stress and anxiety for me and the team at Bra Boudoir. Not to mention the inconvenience for you, our loyal customers, who without, we wouldn't be here!

Like many other small business owners during this time, I was not only anxious about my business's future, but also the health of my friends, family, and you, my loyal customers. 

But trying to turn it into a positive, what Covid-19 has given me, is TIME. Time to expand my business. Time to move shops. Time to redecorate and make The Bra Boudoir exactly as I envisioned. And finally, some much needed time for myself. I feel lucky in this pandemic to have and all of this time, as I know for lots of others these last few months have been immensely challenging and tough.  

I am grateful more than ever for my health and to be able to continue with my much-loved business, helping to empower women, leaving them feeling confident and comfortable in their underwear. 

Reopening has been both exciting and daunting. I felt excited to be back doing what I love, yet anxious about how to provide the best service in a safe and hygienic manner.

My biggest goal was to ensure safety for both my customers and I, whilst also creating a welcoming environment to gain back a bit of normality. I decided that this was best achieved through personal 1-1 fitting appointments. This ensures that only one person is in the shop at any one time, that thorough cleaning can be carried out in between appointments and that bras are quarantined for 72 hours before being displayed again. This has worked extremely well. 

I have been overwhelmed with all the support received and how much I have genuinely enjoyed seeing all my lovely customers again. I have decided to write a weekly blog to keep you all updated with the shops antics, knowledge about the importance of a well fitted bra and hopefully give you a little lift of confidence. 

Thank you again, stay safe and speak to you all soon!